How to Make a Little Puppy Shirt

Converting old baby clothes into new puppy shirts is a cost-effective way to dress your dog.
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Dog clothing may seem like a silly idea, but shirts are actually beneficial for some dogs. Small, short-haired breeds and little puppies get cold easily, and you can make your own puppy shirts from old baby clothes to keep your pooch warm and cozy.

Step 1

Select the proper size onesie for your dog. If your dog is a small breed or puppy under 15 pounds, purchase a newborn-sized onesie. For dogs over 15 pounds, a 0-3 month or 3-6 month onesie should fit well.

Step 2

Unbutton the onesie, and slide it over your dog’s head. Slip her legs through the arm holes, and pull the bottom of the shirt back toward the dog’s tail. Place a small mark on the shirt over the dog’s flank with a pencil.

Step 3

Remove the onesie from the dog, and lay it on a flat surface. Trace a straight line using the mark you made on the shirt as a guide. Cut along the line with a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 4

Turn the shirt inside-out and fold the bottom 1/4-inch of the shirt over to form a hem. Sew the hem with a needle and thread or sewing machine, and slip the finished shirt back on your dog.

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