How to Check a Dog's AVID Chip Registration Online

Dogs love this kind of chip, but another kind may save their life.

Dogs love this kind of chip, but another kind may save their life.

The AVID microchip is a small electronic device that is implanted underneath an animal’s skin and uses a unique number to identify and contact the rightful owner should the dog ever become lost. Effectiveness of the AVID chip depends on complete and current registration information.

Check a Dog’s AVID ID Chip Registration Online

Locate the AVID chip number associated with the dog. If you do not have it handy, take him to a veterinary office where he can be scanned.

Visit the American Animal Hospital Association’s Pet Microchip Lookup website. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) maintains a universal database of microchip information and can help you check a dog’s chip registration online. Enter the dog’s AVID microchip number into the search box on the AAHA website and submit the request.

Visit the AVID website. Click “Looking for a lost pet” at the bottom of the page, enter the necessary information and submit the request.


  • The AAHA website will provide immediate results for your query about AVID chip registration information, whereas queries submitted directly on the AVID website will require you to wait for a response.

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