How to Make Dog Pajamas

Making dog pajamas is a cost-effective way to keep your pet safe and warm.

Making dog pajamas is a cost-effective way to keep your pet safe and warm.

Dressing your dog may seem unnecessary, but some dogs actually benefit from warm items such as pajamas. Small, short-haired breeds and elderly, sick dogs often need pajamas in the winter time to ward off the chills. Making dog pajamas from old baby clothes is a simple, cost-effective way to keep your canine companion warm and dry.

Determine what size baby clothes will fit your dog. Small breeds, such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers, should fit into 0-3 month clothes. Larger dogs, including Italian greyhounds and whippets will need larger outfits. If you’re unsure of what size to buy, measure around your dog's neck, from her neck to the base of her tail, and around her chest and then compare these measurements to the baby pajamas for a proper fit.

Slip the pajamas over the dog, with the zipper or buttons running along the dog’s belly. Slide her feet through the arm and leg holes, and fasten the pajamas. Draw a small “X” over her tail, and remove the pajamas.

Cut a small circle around the “X” with a pair of sharp scissors. The hole should be just big enough to pull the dog’s tail through, so start with a small hole and enlarge it slowly if necessary.

Snip off the feet of the pajamas. This allows your dog’s feet to come in contact with the ground, providing a more secure walking surface. If the sleeves have hand guards on them, cut them off to prevent your dog from snagging a toenail as she walks.

Put the pajamas back on the dog to check for proper fit. Slide the tail gently through the hole and place each foot through the proper opening. Button the pajamas up and reward the dog with a treat for being so patient.

Items you will need

  • Long-sleeved baby pajamas
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Dog treats


  • If your dog fights or tries to tear off the garment, pet and praise her when she ignores the pajamas. It will take time, but eventually she will forget she’s even wearing them.
  • Wash your dog’s pajamas frequently to ward off excess odors. Use a gentle or pet-safe detergent to prevent skin irritation.

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