How to Make Dog Bow Ties

A bow tie can dress up any dog for a night on the town.
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If you’ve got a formal event coming up and you want to bring your furry pal, dress him up with a bow tie so he’ll fit right in. It only takes a few minutes, and you can give him a look that’s as elegant or as fun as you want.

Step 1

Measure around your dog’s neck, and cut some elastic an inch or so shorter than that, so that the elastic has to stretch a bit to go all the way around. Make sure you can easily fit your fingers under it when it’s on him, so you know he has room to breathe.

Step 2

Choose some ribbon that fits the occasion. Try solid black or white for a formal look, or try other solid colors, stripes or prints just for fun. The width of the ribbon should suit the size of your dog, typically anywhere from an inch wide for the little guys up to 3 inches across for big fellas.

Step 3

Cut a piece of ribbon to double the length you need. If your dog is big, his finished bow tie should be up to 8 inches wide, so you’ll need to cut off 16 inches of ribbon. If your pal is tiny, a 3-inch tie is usually pretty good, so cut off a section 6 inches long.

Step 4

Fold the cut ribbon in half, so that the ends meet, and find the middle. Make a dot or small mark with a pencil or a fabric marking pen at the middle on the backside, then stretch the ribbon out flat on your table, face down.

Step 5

Draw a bead of hot glue down the middle of the fabric, from top to bottom. As soon as you’ve made the line, press both ends of the ribbon into the hot glue.

Step 6

Snip another bit of the same ribbon, this one about 2 inches or so long. It can be slightly shorter if the ribbon is narrow.

Step 7

Fold the short piece of ribbon into thirds, with the folds running the long way. The sections should overlap underneath, so that they can’t be seen from the top side. Iron the folds so they don’t come undone.

Step 8

Grab the large piece of ribbon in the center and pinch it down, accordion-fashion, right at the seam. Wrap the narrow strip around the pinched center section and use hot glue on the back to hold it all together and finish the bow tie.

Step 9

Attach the elastic to the back of the bow tie by stitching the ends together at the center. Slide it over your pal’s head and he’s ready to go out on the town.

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