When Do Labradors Start to Shed Their Winter Coat?

Labs appear in chocolate brown, yellow and black coloration.
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Although you might adore the typical temperament of the Labrador retriever, that's not the only thing you should take into consideration before bringing one of the cuties into your home. Coat care and shedding factors are also important. Like most canines bar the hairless varieties, Labrador retrievers do indeed shed.

Spring Shedding

Labrador retrievers begin -- and finish -- shedding their winter coats during the spring months. The shedding generally takes place over the course of three weeks. Labrador retrievers have double coats that consist of coarse "guard" fur and smooth fur underneath. When the spring rolls around, the majority of the hairs in these' undercoats fall out. Many of their outer guard hairs shed in the spring, as well.

Autumn Shedding

The autumn is another heightened shedding time for these amiable short-haired dogs. As with the spring shedding, this process usually lasts about three weeks. It actually is a true point of coat transformation for Labs. Not only do they get brand new winter coats, they also replace their top fur. Despite all of that shedding going on, they still manage to maintain the appearance of having hair covering their physiques, impressively enough.

Shedding All Year

Labrador retrievers undeniably do a lot of major shedding in the spring and the fall, but that doesn't mean that their owners don't have to clean up fur all over their rugs and sofas for the rest of the year. Labrador retrievers shed at all points of the year, but usually to a much lesser degree than in the spring and autumn. If you reside in a temperate region, however, you might notice increased "year-round" shedding compared to owners in other locations.

Overall Coat Care

If your Labrador retriever is in the midst of the shedding process, make things easier on yourself by brushing his coat on a daily basis. That way, you can eliminate a lot of the stray hairs in his coat, which means not as many of the pesky and persistent things popping up everywhere you look. When your Lab isn't shedding, aim to brush him roughly once per week or so. Slicker brushes, which are generally available at most pet supplies shops, work well for these purposes. Labrador retrievers, thankfully enough, often find brushing sessions with their owners relaxing.

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