Do Persian Cats Shed Heavily?

The Persian is the most popular breed in America.
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With his long, beautiful coat and smooshed face, the Persian is a favorite among the American public and movie super villains alike. Your pretty kitty adores sitting in your lap and getting loving pets, but his shedding coat leaves a mess on your clothes once the petting is done.

Constant and Seasonal Shedding

Just about anything with hair will eventually shed those locks, as the drain in your shower can attest. Your Persian's long coat makes him one of the most recognizable breeds on the planet, but that long hair also tends to end up coating your house over time. Persian cats shed moderately year-round, but blow their coat twice a year. This essentially means they shed their entire coat practically all at once, leaving more hair than you thought possible everywhere.

Hair Control

As your Persian coats your house in cat hair, you may briefly entertain the idea of redecorating to match his coat's color so his shed hair isn't as obvious. Put away your work gloves and grab a comb instead. Brushing your Persian's coat daily removes much of his shed hair, keeping it from floating around your home. During his heavier shedding seasons, comb him even more often to keep up with the hair loss and prevent mats. This dramatically reduces the amount of hair you need to vacuum and keeps your cat looking nice. Win-win.

The Lion Cut

The Persian is not just a pretty face and will not fall into a state of depression if his long coat is trimmed short for convenience. If the high grooming needs of his coat are too much for you, a professional groomer can trim your kitty into what's known as a lion cut. His body is trimmed short with his head, feet and the tip of his tail left poofy. This brings you a little of the Savannah as your Persian turns into a little lion prowling around the house. Less length means less shedding. Just make sure to have a little sweater on hand if the weather cools down before his hair grows back.

Regular Coat Care

Even if your Persian didn't shed like mad, his coat still requires regular care to keep it looking clean and healthy. Mr. Smoosh-Face has a double-layered coat, and if left to his own devices it would mat like crazy because of its length and thickness. He needs a daily brushing to smooth out the hair and remove tangles. Bath time is a monthly chore, and you may want to use a crème rinse after shampooing to help encourage tangle-free hair afterward.

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