What Do Kittens Love?

Toys for kittens are like cartoons for children.
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Fearless and full of spunk, kittens don't need a lot to keep them happy. In fact, a paper bag might hold your little guy's attention for the whole four hours he's awake. When he's not playing, he certainly won't turn down the chance to cuddle and sleep with you.

Petting and Cuddling

While many adult cats look at humans as mere food providers, kittens look at their owners as snuggle buddies. They love being petted, especially around the ears, and they'll often fall asleep for hours with you on the couch. Paying lots of attention to your kitten and petting him whenever you get the chance might even help foster a stronger relationship when he becomes an adult, so that he'll continue his cuddling ways.


Kittens are high-octane balls of fur. If they're sitting idle, it's probably because they're plotting their next devious plan, which usually consists of running through the house at max speed and trying to not knock something over. Throw a toy down, such as a fabric mouse or a ball with a bell inside, and your kitten will probably flip over, bat the toy along the floor, carry it in his mouth and burn a lot of his excess energy. Paper bags and paper balls also work well as forms of entertainment, and they keep your kitten from thinking your feet and toes are toys. You can get involved in playtime too by holding a string above his head or making him go crazy with the disappearing and reappearing red dot, thanks to a handy laser pointer.


For a kitten, the magic that is the outdoors can be captivating. Windows provide a safe barrier for your cat to look out to see squirrels, birds, insects, cars and other things, but still remain safely indoors. The only downside to showing kittens the wonder of windows is that they'll expect the blinds to remain open at all times. If they're not, you can expect to hear them batting the blinds or squeezing between them and the window.


From the unknowns that walk-in closets hold to the far reaches of a dark basement, kittens are inquisitive creatures who love exploring their surroundings. Their favorite sleeping and resting spots as adults are often found when they're kittens. Their love of exploring is also why it's important to kitten-proof your house. If you have a hole in the wall or an area of your house currently under construction, you can bet your kitten will find it, and he may get himself stuck.


If there's one thing kittens love more than playing, it's sleeping. From face-planting into their food bowl from exhaustion to passing out under a couch, kittens usually sleep for around 20 hours each day. (That's more than an adult cat, who will typically sleep a mere 16 hours a day.) So you typically don't need to worry if your little guy spends the majority of his time with his eyes closed, unless he's also lethargic, has a loss of appetite or otherwise appears ill.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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