Why Are Cats So Cute?

Part of a cat's appeal lies in its playful personality.
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With pounce-perfect poise and a whisper-soft tongue, the ever-finicky feline works its magic on your heart. Cat lovers delight in the adorable, and sometimes devilish, antics of their precocious pets. A combination of mysteriousness, attitude and agility combine to create undeniable cat-cuteness.

Kitten Capers

No one can watch a kitten at play and not fall in love. Tiny soft paws jumping, grabbing and ferociously kicking anything that moves. Kittens are as quick to entertain themselves as they are to chase a bit of string pulled along the floor. A kitten’s ability to leap, twist, dash and climb in a display of nimble cat-nastics keeps its owner tickled and entertained. No other pet can turn a paper sack into a covert cubbyhole from which it launches a barrage of kitty-attacks before falling fast asleep.

The Purr Factor

Nothing is more appealing than eliciting a purr-fect response when petting your cat. No one knows why cats purr or why some cats purr more than others do, but a cat’s rhythmic vibrations soothe and satisfy its human counterparts. Your cat’s magical motor induces a feeling of peacefulness and offers a welcome respite from the fast-paced world outside your door.

Captivating Cat-ness

Clever and curious, cats are alternately independent and demanding; their attentive ears ever alert for the sound of the can opener that signals, “Dinner is served.” Secretive, saucer-shaped eyes catch every movement in the room before closing in contented comfort. A cat’s mesmerizing mannerisms captivate and fascinate. Sometimes persnickety, but always charming, cats possess enchanting appeal that creates strong human-feline relationships.

Contented Companionship

Fur-laden friendship never felt so good. Whether you’re catching a catnap with your favorite feline or sharing a pinch of your tuna fish sandwich, count yourself fortunate to have such a bewitching buddy. Cats possess mysterious magnetism, showing affection through tender nose-nudges and paw-kneading massages. Content to commandeer the windowsill or curl up beside you on the sofa, your cat offers a special brand of feline friendship that’s never boring. Cats manipulate their people with melodic meows and heartwarming kitten-kisses. It just doesn’t get any cuter than that.

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