What Is a Good Place to Keep a Kitten When You're Not Home?

Your kitten needs a safe place when left home alone.
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Leaving your kitten home all by himself can tug on the old heartstrings as he issues a sorrowful “meow” when you head out the door. But this adorable kitten can get into some pretty big trouble if left to his own devices without the proper preparation and containment.

A Great Crate

A large pet crate provides not only a convenient place to store the loads of toys and accessories your kitten will accumulate, but also a safe place to contain your little furball while you're out and about. When choosing a pet crate for your kitten, find one that is large enough to give him enough room to move around, and remember that you'll also need room in there for food and water dishes and a litter box.

His Own Room

If the idea of locking up your cute little kitten in a big steel crate makes you feel guilty, sad or both, give your kitty the royal treatment and award him a room in your home all to himself. This could be a spare bedroom, the basement or even a bathroom. Remove anything your kitten may hurt himself with, or destroy with his developing climbing abilities, and arrange his food and water dishes and litter box inside. Provide lots of toys to keep him occupied while he awaits your return.

Now Boarding

Although cats are fairly self-sufficient, even a full-grown feline can't be expected to take care of himself for long periods. Kittens in particular shouldn't be left for days at a time, as the thought alone of them sitting in their crate or room crying is enough to melt even the toughest heart. If you're planning on being away for an extended period of time, find a kennel to board your kitten so he'll still get interaction and be well cared for.


Depending on how well you get along with your family, friends or neighbors, and whether or not they like cats, an alternative to boarding your kitten is to send him for a sleepover visit with someone you trust. Or have a pet sitter come by your home to keep kitty company and care for him. Your kitten will be happier, which in turn will make you happier knowing that he's well taken care of while you're away.

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