Kinds of Dog Beds for Greyhound

Greyhounds love having a very soft dog bed to relax on after a day afield.
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Greyhounds revel in relaxing on the softest surface possible -- these "45 mph couch potatoes" deserve their popular nickname. Most will be happy with any bed as long as it is soft, comfortable and big enough. However, certain varieties of dog beds are especially well-suited to the greyhound.

Bolster Beds

Bolster beds, which have a raised stuffed fabric "bumper" extending around part or all of the bed, can be a good choice for greyhounds. Because many greyhounds have the habit of "roaching," or sleeping on their backs with all four legs in the air, they can tend to fall over in one direction or another. Bolster beds help prevent a roaching greyhound from falling off the bed. Additionally, a greyhound may enjoy a bolster bed because he can rest his head on the bolster area as he dozes or watches the activity around them.

Avoid cedar filling in any type of dog bed since the sharp cedar chips can hurt the greyhound. Instead, seek out a bed filling of nontoxic "bean bag" style beads, foam, cotton, or polyester filling.

Pallet Beds

Pallet-style beds are generally large flat beds that allow enough room for the greyhound to stretch out comfortably. Most greyhounds will need a pallet bed of 44 inches by 54 inches, or larger. Ideally, a pallet style bed will have a removable zipped cover that you can wash as needed. Pallet bed cover materials vary, but look for durable materials that wear well -- many greys have a nesting habit, and the bed cover will probably have to stand up to digging from greyhound toenails.

Raised Beds

A raised dog bed, generally a surface of canvas suspended on a sturdy metal frame, works well for some greyhounds. Older greyhounds or those with mobility issues may find it easier to get on and off a raised bed. Additionally, a raised dog bed can protect the greyhound from drafts and cold since the dog is suspended several inches above the floor and will avoid drafts and the cold floor.

Orthopedic Beds

Older greyhounds are especially appreciative of a comfortable bed that supports their weight well. Because senior greyhounds may have trouble with laying down or standing up easily, an orthopedic foam bed can be an especially good choice since these type of beds have "memory foam" that conforms to the body and then returns to its original shape, helping the dog to rise after laying down. Ideally, an orthopedic bed will have a zippered cover that can be removed for washing. As with pallet-style beds, orthopedic beds may have any type of cover material, but look for durable materials that wear well.

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