Inflatable Beds for Dogs

Your dog spends much of her time napping during the day.
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Your dog probably spends patient hours snoozing during the day, while you are out wasting perfectly good time doing whatever mysterious things humans do. During this alone time, an inflatable dog bed can provide a comfortable napping place for her at a cost that is a relative bargain for you.

Comfort and Support

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Some inflatable dog beds feature durable PVC cell construction that will adjust to the shape of your dog, offering contoured support. Beds that provide good support for joints, muscles and tendons are especially important to the comfort of large breeds and older dogs troubled by joint pain.

Inflatable beds can have the added advantage of serving as a bed for all seasons: The surface can be left uncovered to provide cool support in the summer, or it can be covered with a removable soft material such as fleece or cotton to provide a warm buffer between your dog and cooling surfaces in the winter.

Cleaning and Transport

The PVC material used to construct inflatable dog beds is easily cleaned with a mild soap, helping to keep odors, allergens and pests away. When necessary, an inflatable bed can quickly be deflated and folded into a compact package for pet-friendly travel or convenient storage.

The Downside

Inflatable dog beds are made from a softened PVC material. The manufacturing and difficult recycling process inherent to the material can be harmful to the environment.

The air trapped in an inflatable bed may not provide sufficient insulation for your dog in cold weather.

Some dogs may not adjust readily to the sensation of standing or lying on an inflatable dog bed. Additionally, if your dog likes to chew, the dog bed may not survive for long.

Other types of dog beds made specifically to provide orthopedic support for dogs suffering from joint and muscle pain may be better for your dog's specific problems. Consult your dog's veterinarian or orthopedic specialist for advice in selecting the best bed to help your arthritic or aging dog.


Prices for inflatable dog beds vary considerably depending on size and available options, but many are far less expensive than their non-inflatable counterparts. Small inflatable dog beds without an air pump are available online for as low as $25 in 2012. Larger beds with an electric air pump and a removable cover can cost more than $200.

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