Beds for Cats With Arthritis

Warmth from blankets can sooth Fluffy's achy joints.
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Arthritic cats have trouble moving with the same grace as they once did. The right beds will help keep them comfortable by providing adequate support for their bones and joints, keeping them warm and comfortable and easing movement in and out of the bed.


To reduce the pressure on Fluffy's joints, look for an orthopedic bed. These have special pads that distribute her weight better across the bed to make each catnap more cozy. A heated bed provides warmth for your senior cat and may lessen the pain of arthritis. Heat increases blood flow to the area and relaxes muscle spasms, both beneficial to joints and limbs. In lieu of a heated bed you may use a heating pad wrapped in a towel or blanket.


If Fluffy enjoys resting on a particular chair or sofa, place a blanket nearby. This gives her a soft surface for resting and adds warmth, because she may burrow into the blanket layers. Consider adding a blanket to her pet bed too. Older cats tend to hunt out warm spaces, so providing a source of extra warmth will make her happy.


Help Fluffy access her cat bed or favorite perch with pet stairs. Since arthritic cats often have trouble jumping, the stairs provide her with another way up to the perch. If Fluffy is overweight, put her on a diet. Losing weight relieves pressure on the joints and makes Fluffy feel better. Your veterinarian can discuss safe dieting and other aspects of arthritis management with you.


Stay away from beds that have deep sides or deep padding since Fluffy may struggle to get out of the bed after a long nap. Avoid placing Fluffy's bed in a drafty or unheated area since this can make her uncomfortable even in her plush bed.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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