How to Keep Cats From Banging on the Door

Leaving the door open can prevent unwanted cat behavior.
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If Whiskers wakes you up each morning with a meowing concert that includes drumming on the bedroom door, you're probably tired and annoyed. Although others might think it's a cute sign of affection, you're the one missing sleep. With persistence and some clever tactics, you can correct her behavior.

Step 1

Ignore your cat when she starts banging on the door -- pretend you're not hearing her or wear earplugs. Be firm and consistent and eventually she'll understand that her noisemaking won't work. If you give in once in a while and open the door, you're teaching her that her behavior is sometimes effective and she'll continue to for your attention.

Step 2

Scare your pet companion away from the door. Arm yourself with a water-filled spray bottle and close the door to the room in question. Wait for your curious feline to come to the door. When she starts her meowing and banging, crack the door open and spritz her with water. Ensure you're out of your cat's sight so she doesn't associates the unpleasant surprise with you. The sudden mist of water will distract and startle her, and with consistency, she'll think twice about going near the door again. Alternatively, shake a can of coins so the loud noise startles your cat.

Step 3

Spice up your cat's life, because she might just bang on the door because she's bored, wants attention and has energy to burn. Provide your noisy feline with cat toys she can chase and throw around. Interact with your cat and get in on the fun. Give her cardboard boxes to explore or play cat videos that show her moving rodents and birds. For a real treat, buy her a window perch and install a bird feeder in front of the window.

Step 4

Spray a commercial cat repellent on the door. Your furry friend dislikes the smell of the repellent and will stay away. Alternatively, clean the door with a cleanser that has a strong citrus fragrance, because cats dislike the scent of citrus.

Step 5

Place an upside-down carpet runner on the floor in front of the door. Your cat will dislike standing on the nubby surface and won't be able to get to the door.

Step 6

Install a cat door if you don't mind your cat coming and going as she pleases, or leave the door open. Your pet companion won't have to bother you to open the door for her.

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