How to Allow a Dog Access to the Backyard and Keep the Cat In

A dog and cat household has many rewards and plenty of challenges.

A dog and cat household has many rewards and plenty of challenges.

For many indoor kitties, darting outside is a fun diversion. Keeping them in while letting Bowser out can be challenging. A doggie door would simplify things, but it gives your cat a means of passage. Securing the cat five times a day is hardly a solution. Better measures exist.

Separate Area

If your dog uses a doggie door, when you’re not at home, set your cat up in a confined area of the house. Make sure this area has plenty of space, a litter box, food and water, and is well stocked with toys. Since cats are naturally drawn to the outdoors, a screened window box allows her to enjoy fresh air and bird-watch while remaining safe.

Training Your Cat

A number of manufactured cat deterrents on the retail pet market are designed to help you keep your cat clear. These include citrus aroma sprays, puffs of air and Scat mats. Homemade solutions include using a spray water bottle when she nears the door and making a loud noise by rattling pennies in a can. Most cats do not like to walk on tinfoil. Securing a sheet on the floor will make her rethink her steps. However, some of these deterrents may also deter your dog.

Indoor Invisible Fencing

To avoid the unsightliness of tinfoil, and if your cat is willing to wear a battery-operated collar, indoor invisible fencing is another solution. A transmitter, typically the size of a small disc, goes in the area you want your kitty to avoid. When she gets within a certain range ,a vibration from the collar emits; the range of this transmission can be set to trigger at various distances. This method is helpful in keeping curious kitties off furniture and kitchen counters.

Making Indoors Fun

To make your cat’s indoor environment more appealing than the outside world, supply positive reinforcements. Give her plenty of toys for entertainment. Treat-dispensing toys and toys filled with catnip can keep her happy for long periods of time. Just before letting your dog outside, put her in a special place she associates as her space then give her a snack of tuna or other tasty bite. If you open the door to let your dog out and she doesn’t attempt to go follow, reward her.

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