How to Keep Cats Out of Blinds

"Give me my own window and I'll stop destroying the blinds."
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To you, window blinds are a functional, decorative accessory. To your cat, they're just an irritating conspiracy to block his view of the outside world. Your naughty feline is sure to find a way to peek outside. To prevent damaged blinds and potentially fatal injuries, stop him in his tracks.

Step 1

Wrap the cords that open and close the blinds around a small, out-of-the-way hook, because they might be the reason why your playful friend has developed a fetish for your windowsill. Your cat might confuse the dangling strings for cat toys and might enjoy batting them back and forth. If he gets tangled, those so-called cat toys might cost him his life.

Step 2

Install a perch in front of a window that doesn't have blinds so your cat can still enjoy the outside view without doing any damage. Ideally, provide a view of a bird feeder for hours of visual entertainment and rub some catnip on the perch to make it extra appealing.

Step 3

Place a carpet runner upside down on the sill of the window with the blinds that are off-limits. When your cat jumps on the carpet runner, the nubby surface feels unpleasant, so he'll run off. Alternatively, stick double-sided sticky tape on the windowsill for a similar effect.

Step 4

Squirt your cat with a water-filled spray bottle the moment you catch him jumping on the windowsill to get to the blinds. The unexpected mist of water will startle him and make him run off. Hide yourself so he can't see you when you spray him so he associates the unpleasant shower with jumping up near the blinds and not with you. With consistency, he'll stop the undesired behavior. Alternatively, shake a can of coins or blow a whistle so the noise startles your cat.

Step 5

Apply a citrus-scented spray or a commercial cat repellent on the blinds. Your pet companion will dislike the smell and won't go anywhere near the blinds.

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