How to Housebreak Your Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are highly trainable with patience and positive reinforcement.
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Bloodhounds are a breed known for their blood tracking and hunting capabilities. Because they're so intelligent, you'd think they're easy to train, but bloodhounds are actually a breed that requires a lot of patience when training. Don't be discouraged. Your new pet will learn quickly with positive affection and repetition.

Step 1

Start training your bloodhound early. According to Cesar Millan, puppies learn from their mothers to eliminate outside of where they eat and sleep when they are nursing, so they pick up on potty training the quickest during their first four months of life. Bloodhounds are also a dominant breed, so the earlier you start the training, the earlier you establish yourself as the pack leader. Remain firm and consistent in your housebreaking training to establish dominance.

Step 2

Take your pet to the same spot to relieve himself each morning. Bloodhounds have an extraordinary sense of smell, so he'll know that this place is his designated bathroom spot immediately. Take him out to the same designated spot if possible before bed, after meals and each time he wakes up from a nap. Keep in mind that puppies need to go out more often than adult dogs, at least every couple of hours. Bloodhounds learn best in short but frequent training sessions, so set a consistent schedule that works for you and the dog.

Step 3

Supervise your pet while he's inside the house. You need to be able to catch him in the act if he's about to relieve himself inside and remove him to his designated spot outside. Bloodhounds respond best to a neutral tone of voice, so if you see him starting to eliminate in the house say, "Outside," in a firm tone that is not too gentle or too abrupt and take him out immediately. Sniffing the floor, lying by the door, squatting or barking are all signs that your pup needs to go outside.

Step 4

Reward your pup after each time he eliminates outside. Bloodhounds are a sensitive breed, so the best way to train them is by making training fun. They respond positively to positive reinforcement but negatively to yelling and punishment. Never give your dog commands such as, "Go potty," when you take him outside to relieve himself. These commands make your bloodhound feel like he is being rushed and add stress to his training. Remain calm and patient while he does his business, then give him a treat and affection when he successfully relieves himself.

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