How to Housebreak a Shar-Pei

Take your shar-pei out to the same spot every day when housebreaking.
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Shar-peis generally are easy to train and should catch on to housebreaking pretty quickly. Remember that shar-peis can become dominant, so establish your dominance early, stick to a routine and reward your shar-pei for his good potty training behavior, and you'll eliminate accidents in the house quickly.

Step 1

Keep your shar-pei on a regular potty training routine. Take him outside every morning when you wake up and every evening before bed as well as during the day. Take him out after meals too. If he's a puppy, his bladder is smaller than an adult shar-pei, so you will need to take him out every 30 minutes to an hour until he is fully housebroken. Always take him to a familiar spot when potty training so he feels safe and stress-free when he does his business.

Step 2

Show your shar-pei that you are the leader. Shar-peis are easy to train unless they think they are the pack leader, at which point they become tough to control. Be affectionate but firm with your training. If your pet eliminates inside, take him outside immediately to his potty training spot, but don't punish him. Punishment can give your pet more anxiety when potty training and can make the learning process take longer.

Step 3

Reward your shar-pei with a treat and affection every time he successfully eliminates outside. If you don't want to give treats every time, you can reward your pet with his favorite toy or a quick walk.

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