Homemade Dog Diapers

Disposable baby diapers make good homemade dog diapers.
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Diapers normally invoke thoughts of gurgling babies, but they also are a handy product for our canine companions. Some pet stores sell special dog diapers, but they are costly and often difficult to find. Homemade dog diapers keep your wallet happy and work just as well as expensive specialty diapers.

Why Dogs Need Diapers

Dog diapers seem like a silly idea, but they are handy for a number of issues. Female dogs come into season every few months and produce discharge that will stain carpet and furniture. Diapers keep the mess off your furniture and deter males from licking and mounting your female. Diapers also are handy for elderly dogs and those with incontinence associated with illness. If you’ve got a dog that likes to mark his territory inside your home, a diaper will keep your home stain and odor-free. Diapers also are helpful during housebreaking because most dogs do not like wetness against their skin and will ask to go out instead of going in the diaper.

Modified Baby Diaper

The simplest type of homemade dog diaper starts with a human baby diaper. Weigh your dog and compare her weight with the recommended weight chart on the diaper of your choice, selecting the size that corresponds with her weight. Stand the dog up and place the diaper over her hindquarters, marking the spot where her tail will come out with a pen. Cut a small hole around the mark and pull her tail through the hole gently. Pull the front of the diaper up under the dog’s belly and secure the diaper snugly around the dog.

Underwear Alternative

Boy’s underwear are an excellent alternative to disposable diapers. Hold the underwear with the front flap opening facing the dog’s tail. Place a self-adhesive feminine pad inside the underwear, centering it so it fits over the genital area. Pull the dog’s tail gently through the flap and slide the dog’s legs through the leg holes. If the waistband is a little too big, fold it over and secure it with a large safety pin.

Dog Diaper Basics

Schedule your dog for a vet visit in cases of unusual incontinence. He will determine if there is an infection or other medical issue behind the leaking, and may prescribe medication to treat loose bladder issues. Use a dog diaper on in-season females from the time you first notice discharge until her genitals are no longer swollen and the discharge is completely gone. Check the diaper several times a day, and change wet diapers and feminine pads immediately to prevent discomfort.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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