How to Make Reusable Dog Diapers for Girl Dogs

Baby cloth diapers with Velcro closures can transform into homemade doggie diapers.
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Whether your female canine companion is in heat or suffers from incontinence, doggie diapers help keep your furniture and flooring free from messes. Commercial diapers come in disposable and reusable options. You also can make your own doggie diapers using recycled or new, reusable material.

Male Underwear

Male underwear is the simplest solution to creating homemade doggie diapers thanks to the front opening. This creates a perfect spot for the tail to go through. To determine the best size for your dog, wrap a tape measure around your dog’s waist, that is the narrowest area around her middle, close to her back legs. Match this measurement to the waist measurement on the underwear. Put the underwear on to your dog with the fly opening on top. Slip her tail through. A few stitches may be necessary to make the underwear fit snug and not slip off.

Cloth Baby or Homemade Designer Diapers

Another option uses cloth baby diapers with side Velcro fasteners. Simply cut a hole in the diaper where her tail is, slip on and fasten in place. For those with sewing skills, patterns are available to create custom fit and snug doggie diapers with Velcro closures. One thing to consider with Velcro, however, is that a smart and determined dog can figure out how to remove them.

Baby Onesies

For smaller dogs that wiggle out of traditional doggie diapers, consider creating a bodysuit diaper using a baby onesie. Place the shirt over your dog’s head, with her front paws through the arms and the longer part of the onesie over her back. Determine where the onesie will cover her tail and cut an opening to allow the tail to go through. Close the onesie with the snap closures under her belly.


While all of these cloth options absorb blood and urine to some extent, adding maxi pads allows you to change the inner pads more frequently without needing a large number of cloth diapers. Frequent changing is essential to keep her dry. Regular exposure to moisture can irritate the skin and increases the risk of infection. Once a cloth diaper becomes soiled, remove the diaper and replace with a clean one. If regular incontinence is an issue, consult a veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be treatable.

For the Jealous Male

If your male dog tends to tinkle, or is jealous of the new diapers your little lady is wearing, a homemade belly band is the answer. Measure around his waist and cut out a piece of material to that length. Make the width wide enough to cover the necessary parts. Attach Velcro enclosures. Wrap the band around his belly and fasten. Place a maxi pad inside to increase absorption.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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