Homemade Dog Bath Wipes

Homemade dog wipes are great for indoors dogs who like the outdoors.
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Dog wipes are great for quickly cleaning up dirty paws and other puppy parts. It's easy and cost-effective to make your own at home with ingredients that won't harm your furry pal. Keep a supply near the door when your dog comes in from trips outside.

Use Essential Oils

Tailor homemade wipes to your dog's individual needs with the use of essential oils, which are natural and chemical-free. Choose several high-quality essential oils for your wipes. Purchase these at health food stores. Avoid perfume- or aromatherapy-grade oils, which are distilled with solvents that can hurt your dog. Look for therapy-grade oils. They are distilled with steam and are safe for use on your pup.

Vitamin E oil and tea tree oil are soothing for dogs with sensitive skin or paws. Diluted tea tree oil acts to repel fleas. Lavender, citronella or lemon will add scent to your wipes and also help repel insects. Use two or three oils according to your dog's needs and your preference.

Gather Ingredients

Start with plain paper towels or, for a short cut, a package of unscented baby wipes. Assemble a large bowl, a hand mixer or whisk, and a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. If you're using paper towels, fold each into a rectangle shape that will fit your plastic tub. You'll need a total of 60 drops of the combined essential oils you've chosen and a bottle of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera helps fight bacteria and helps moisturize paws and fur.

Ready to Mix

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Once you've chosen the oils you're going to use, prepare the mix to add to the paper towels or baby wipes. Place the wipes or towels in your large plastic tub. Use a well-ventilated area for preparation. Mix one-quarter cup of aloe vera and the oils you've chosen with 2 cups of hot water. Be sure to thoroughly mix so the ingredients will be evenly distributed through the wipes. Pour the mixture over the paper towels or baby wipes.

Cover and Store

Cover the tub and place it in the refrigerator for at least two hours. Take them out and turn the wipes over, then cover and replace the tub in the refrigerator for another hour. Leave the wipes in the refrigerator or dividethem into several small plastic tubs or sealed plastic bags to place near your doors, in the car or wherever they'll be handy for dirty paws or those times your dog needs a quick once-over instead of a bath.

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