Recipe for a Yogurt Coating That Hardens for Dog Treats

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Put a smile on your pooch's face by making your own yogurt coating to sweeten boring old dog biscuits. Store-bought yogurt treats tend to have too much fat and sugar, which can make your doggie sick. Follow this recipe and spoil your four-legged best friend without harming his health.

Plain Yogurt

The main ingredient in yogurt frosting is plain yogurt. Avoid other flavors, even vanilla, because they have higher amounts of fat and sugar. Ideally, stick to a non-fat, organic plain yogurt. All you will need to coat approximately 30 dog biscuits is a 6-ounce container. Spoon the yogurt into a large bowl or a food processor, if you have one.


The point of coating the dog treat in yogurt is not only to make it look appealing, but also to make it taste nice. Since you are using plain yogurt, you’ll want to add some honey or peanut butter for flavor. Add 2 tablespoons of honey or sugar-free peanut butter. As with the yogurt, to keep sugar levels low, consider organic choices rather than usual commercial brands.

Mix and Coat

After mixing the ingredients until they are smooth, you are ready to brush the mixture onto the dog biscuits. If you baked your own dog biscuits, allow them to cool off entirely to ensure the frosting spreads evenly. You can spread the frosting on the dog biscuits with a pastry brush, or simply dip the biscuits into the frosting.


The yogurt mixture will harden, but if you want to ensure it hardens completely, place the coated dog biscuits into the refrigerator and leave them for between 30 and 45 minutes. Your dog might enjoy the yogurt-coated dog treats cold, but if he's finicky, simply let the ones he's about to eat get to room temperature again. The yogurt coating will remain hardened. Since it's yogurt you are dealing with, keep uneaten biscuits refrigerated so they don't go bad.

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