Grooming Styles for Yorkiepoos

Part Yorkshire terrier, part poodle, all adorable.
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Although the name could sound like you're referring to a particular pile of “leftovers” from your Yorkie, a Yorkiepoo is actually a cross between the Yorkshire terrier and a poodle. Because he's a mixed breed, his coat doesn't adhere to a single recommended style.

Different Coat, Different Styles

Due to his lineage your Yorkiepoo can sport a variety of different coat textures, varying from bone straight to wavy or full-blown curly. Finding a style that works for him depends on his natural coat type. Longer styles won't work if your pooch is more poodle than Yorkie, while super short cuts may not suit a smooth-coated pup. Consult with your groomer to discuss the best way to deal with the lay of your pup's coat.

Puppy/Teddy Bear Cut

A popular cut for almost any breed, and one that never ceases to make the pooch look down-right adorable, is the puppy cut. This is essentially a short cut all over your dog's body, which makes him look like a perpetual puppy. There are variations to this cut, such as the teddy bear, which leaves the hair slightly longer all over and trims a more rounded poof around his head. You can choose the length of the coat and change things up by leaving certain sections, like his head or tail, slightly longer for a different look.

Straight Hairstyles

If your pooch's Yorkie ancestry is more evident in his coat, you can choose from one of the many straight-haired styles of different breeds. You can have him trimmed into a traditional Yorkie cut, or borrow from other breeds such as the Westie or schnauzer. Give him a longer beard and mustache, leave the hair longer along his belly as an underskirt or create a new design that works with his coat.

Curly Hairstyles

Poodles have tight, curly 'dos and your Yorkiepoo may have inherited this coat texture. Curly coats typically are shaped with shears and scissors to a more molded, shorter cut to keep the hair from getting too long and matted. Look to other curly-haired breeds for inspiration for your poodle-coated Yorkiepoo, such as the bichon frise and the poodle. Have his coat trimmed to a poof reminiscent of his poodle heritage or trim it all down to a close crop.

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