How to Groom a Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten terriers have distinctive fur tufts that cover their eyes.
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Wheaten terriers, like other long-haired dogs, require grooming and upkeep. Additionally, wheatens have to be trimmed in a specific way to keep their distinctive look. However, many Wheaten owners learn how to trim their dogs on their own. With a bit of homework and the right tools, you can too.

Step 1

Train your dog to remain still during training. Clicker training is a great way to accomplish this. The gist of clicker training is that you press a clicker (available from pet shops) and give your dog a treat. From that point on, you can use a clicker as a way of telling your dog "Good job, treats are coming" whenever she does something good, like lying down on the grooming table.

Step 2

Brush your dog. First use a pin brush (a brush with metal pins instead of plastic). Then use either your fingers or a dematting comb to break up mats. Lastly, use a greyhound comb to smooth the fur.

Step 3

Trim your dog's nails. This task is a bit tricky and you must be extremely careful. Most trimmers come with detailed instructions. Slide your pet's nail through the loop of the clippers and cut the very tip off. If you nick the blood vessel, use styptic powder to stanch the wound.

Step 4

Trim the eyes. Start from the sides and carefully work toward the middle of the face with thinning shears.

Step 5

Trim the rest of the head. Start from the middle of the top of the head and work your way down. Create a rectangular shape by trimming the hair on the sides of the head short and leaving the hair on top longer.

Step 6

Make your way down the neck and body using either scissors or electric clippers. Trim the fur around the tail into the shape of an ice cream cone.

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