How to Groom a Poodle's Feet

Create the perfect poodle look.
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Shaven feet along with a high topknot and pom-pom tail are defining characteristics of the poodle breed. Whether you choose a puppy cut that looks like a fur ball or a shorter body clip, cleanly shaven feet help show off the dainty paws and toenails of your best friend.

Step 1

Comb and brush your fluffy fella’s feet. Remove any dirt and debris causing the hair to mat. Give him a bath and make sure he’s completely dry before clipping his feet.

Step 2

Shave the top of your poodle’s foot with a #15 blade. Make sure you don’t go above the bones on either side of his foot. Shaving over these bones gives him what groomers call “high waters,” the canine equivalent of pants that are too short.

Step 3

Clip between your poodle’s toes using scissors or a small handheld clipper. It is easier if you attack it from the bottom of her foot. This makes it easier to spread the toes and trim around the toenails.

Step 4

Shave the bottom side of the foot. Remove any long hairs with the clippers. This may tickle a little, so expect her to pull away slightly.

Step 5

Angle the hair downward just above the bones on each side of the poodle’s foot. Create a beveled look with your scissors or clipper and take out long hairs covering the foot.

Step 6

Clip your poodle’s toenails to finish the look. Adding a coat of polish gives the look a little “BAM” as well.

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