How to Cut a Miniature Schnauzer's Hair

The mini schnauzer is a compact version of the standard. Grooming and cutting the mini is the same, as far as procedures go. Generally, cutting a mini schnauzer's hair takes less time since there is less area to cover.

Step 1

Brush your four-legged friend with a pin brush. Follow up with a 1/2-inch fine-tooth metal comb. Remove any mats from his top and undercoat. Work the mats out by holding the hair out from his skin and gently working from the end.

Step 2

Bathe your mini schnauzer with a dog shampoo for silver or white coats. This helps bring out the natural shine.

Step 3

Dry him with a clean towel. Next, with the setting on low or medium, hold a hair dryer about 12 inches from his skin and finish drying his beard and legs.

Step 4

Hold the scissors in your dominant hand and clip the hair down your mini’s back. Generally, the mini schnauzer has very short hair down his back, neck and sides. So, cut the hair as short as you like here. Make sure you cut in long, even strokes.

Step 5

Cut the hair under the mini’s throat and on the sides of his head. Go against the hair growth and cut it short, like the back.

Step 6

Point the scissors downward and cut the hair down the back of his leg along the hock, following the contour of the leg. Leave the hair about 1 inch long on the legs. Repeat the process on the front of the leg. Make sure you keep the hair the same length all the way around. Cut all four legs the same way.

Step 7

Lift the paws on each foot and trim the hair around and between each pad. Cut the hair between toes as well. Trim the front of the foot in a circular angle to match the hair on the leg.

Step 8

Angle the scissors downward when cutting the chest hair. It should be about the same length as the leg hair. Trim the underside of the mini. Have him stand on his hind legs. When cutting the underside continue to make long even strokes. Leave the hair longer underneath and angle it towards the back legs to form a skirt.

Step 9

Comb his bangs forward. Hold the hair up and away from the eyes and cut a V with your scissors between the eyebrows. Comb the beard forward and cut only the sides of the beard. Avoid cutting the top of the beard or hair under his eyes, which takes away from the desired rectangular shape for the mini schnauzer.

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