How to Groom a Pekingese-Poodle Mix

Combine the loyal Pekingese with the intelligent poodle and you get the playful Peekapoo. Grooming your little pooch generally isn't hard, but requires a regular schedule to keep him from looking like a scruffy, matted mess.

Step 1

Brush your Peekapoo regularly to keep him tangle-free. How often you need to brush him depends on how the genetic chips fell, as the curlier or thicker the coat the quicker he can tangle. Use a pin brush, slicker brush or wide-tooth comb to work your way through his coat, all the way down to the skin to remove tangles. Brush him every other day if he's short-haired and every day if his coat is longer. Increase brushing frequency if the texture of his coat seems prone to matting and tangling. In such a case, spray his coat with detangler before you brush to prevent static and breakage.

Step 2

Remove mats as soon as you find them. Leaving a mat for later practically guarantees the thing will become bigger and tougher than when you saw it last. Thoroughly spray the mat with detangler to wet it, pull it apart with your fingers to loosen it and use the edge of a comb to pick the hairs apart, working from the ends toward the skin. Work slowly and give your pooch breaks if necessary. Particularly nasty mats may simply need attacked with the mat ripper, a bladed tool that essentially tears the mat into shreds for easier removal. Do not attempt to bathe your pup before removing all mats, as the water will make the mats tougher -- near impossible -- to work out.

Step 3

Bathe your Peekapoo with a gentle shampoo as necessary. Your little hybrid pooch gets dirty just like any other pup, but his hair and skin can lose their natural oils if he's bathed too often. Soak his coat thoroughly with warm water, running your fingers through his hair to wet him to the skin. Massage a gentle shampoo in and rinse. Apply conditioner to prevent tangles and rinse again. Keep rinsing until all shampoo and conditioner residue is gone, as they can irritate his skin if allowed to dry. Squeeze excess water from his coat with towels and let him air dry or use a hair dryer on a low-heat setting as you brush.

Step 4

Clean his tear stains with a washcloth or damp cotton ball. The Peekapoo is prone to developing dirty tear stains down his cheeks from the goop that gathers at the corners of his eyes. Use a washcloth or cotton ball daily to wipe away this eye discharge before it has a chance to stain. Stubborn stains may need a commercial tear stain remover, or you can use a gentle, tear-free soap to gently scrub them away. Always take care when working near your pup's eyes.

Step 5

Check his ears weekly for signs of something amiss. The ears of the Peekapoo don't exactly encourage good air circulation, which can trap moisture and other debris inside and cause infection. Flip his ear up once a week and check for signs of redness, strange odors or discharge. Wipe them out with a wet cotton ball or use a commercial ear cleaner. Never use cotton swabs or poke around into his ear. Clean only what you can see; visit your vet for a more thorough cleaning or if you suspect a problem.

Step 6

See a professional groomer to trim your Peekapoo's coat when needed. Unless you're going for the scruffy look, your Peekapoo will need his coat trimmed every few months to keep him looking neat and spiffy. Do not attempt to do this yourself, because no matter how well-behaved you believe your pup to be, sharp scissors or clippers in inexperienced hands can cause unintentional injury. Visit a groomer when your pup looks a little rough around the edges to have his hair trimmed properly.

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