How Often Do Dobermans Need a Bath?

The Doberman originated in Germany in the late 19th century.
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With his alert ears and regal stature, the Doberman pinscher is both a fierce protector and a loving family dog. Despite his formidable appearance, grooming him is fairly easy, although bath time may require an extra pair of hands to help you accomplish the task.


Dobie bath time involves scrubbing your gentle beast down to remove dead hair, any doggie smell and whatever dirt that's accumulated in his coat. His size can make it challenging, but fortunately you generally won't need to worry about this particular chore very often. If he's kept neatly brushed and hasn't rolled in anything particularly stinky or filthy, he should need a bath only every three months or so.


Making your Dobie comfortable during bath time is a necessity, as a comfortable Dobie is a more cooperative Dobie. Make sure the water is comfortably warm, and place cotton balls into his ears to keep water from trickling into them. Use a gentle dog shampoo to wash away the dirt but leave the important moisturizing oils his coat needs, and rinse thoroughly. Wash his face with a washcloth and water, and be careful around his eyes. Towel-dry him as much as you can, then duck and cover as he shakes himself dry.


Dobies may have short coats that only need a weekly brushing, but they still shed and leave their dark hair all over you and your house. They don't "blow" their coats like many other breeds, meaning they don't lose large clumps twice a year, but they lose hair year-round. Brush your Dobie at least once a week with a grooming mitt to remove as much loose hair as possible and avoid mats and tangles. This regular brushing also helps distribute the oils in his coat, making it sleek and shiny.

Other Grooming Necessities

Your Dobie requires regular grooming attention to areas other than his coat to keep him happy and healthy. Check his ears once a week for any unusual redness or odor, which can indicate infection or ear mites. Clean them with a cotton ball and ear cleaner after you've examined them. Brush his teeth at least three times a week to promote healthy chompers. Have a professional groomer trim his nails at least once a month, as there is a sensitive vein inside that can easily get nicked by inexperienced hands. You don't want to injure your Dobie and promote uncooperative behavior in the future, so leave this chore to a professional.

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