How to Groom a Maltese & Pug Mix

Bath day can be fun for you and your pug/Maltese family member.
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Grooming your pug/Maltese mixed dog should be quick and easy. These little dogs vary in look and locks, but they all need TLC. You should plan to spend 10 minutes twice each week to keep coat clean and attractive.

Grooming your Pug/Maltese Dog

Step 1

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Brush your dog's hair to remove tangles, mats and debris. Try to remove all mats, but in some cases, you may need to carefully cut a mat from the coat. After the coat is brushed, comb through to remove any loose hair.

Step 2

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Trim hair from around the dog's anus, on its belly or legs. Use judgment, but remove hair that collects dirt and grime. Some dogs will not need hair trimmed at all.

Step 3

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Wipe the face with a damp cloth. Your dog's pug ancestors may have provided him with wrinkles that need special attention. Check the skin folds, such as those under the eyes, for any dirt or bacteria build up. Wash out with soap and water. Clean the chin, nose and teeth.

Step 4

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Look deep into the ears for debris, and smell for odor. Both pugs and Maltese ears flop over and prevent air circulation, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to wipe the ears with a damp cloth, and report any redness or odors to your veterinarian -- this could signal ear infections.

Step 5

Trim your dog's nails to give him good footing. A pug/Maltese mix will have small feet and nails, so a small pair of dog nail clippers will work nicely.

Step 6

Bathe your dog in a sink or tub, using warm -- not hot -- water and a dog shampoo. Lather and rinse well. Your little pug/Maltese may be timid at first, but he should relax quickly. Apply and rinse conditioner on dogs with long coats, then towel dry and comb through the coat to remove tangles. You can blow dry the coat and brush as you dry, but don't be surprised if your dog is timid of the dryer at first.

Step 7

Tie up the hair to keep it out of the dog's eyes, if necessary. You can add bows or barrettes to give your dog some personal style.

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