How to Grind Up Dog Food

A food processor or coffee grinder is the only tool necessary to meet your dog's culinary needs.
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Make homemade dog food or create a finer chow from pulverized kibble -- perhaps for puppies -- with one of two common kitchen appliances. Coffee grinders are great for use on dry kibble, or use a food processor to grind both wet and dry products into a gourmet dog meal.

Step 1

Wash out a food processor or coffee grinder before using it to remove any traces of other foods that could alter the taste of your dog's food.

Step 2

Place the food processing bowl in its setting on the machine and attach the clean blade. Or, if you are using the coffee grinder, reattach the clean blade on the inside of the machine.

Step 3

Place dried kibble in either the coffee grinder or the electric food processor and attach the lid. Pulse the dried kibble for several seconds at a time in either machine; running either machine constantly could pulverize the kibble into powder. The blade inside will cut the kibble down to smaller pieces. Stop when you have the desired consistency.

Step 4

Place wet ingredients, such as vegetables, meat or even broth, inside the bowl of the food processor. Lock the lid in place and pulse the ingredients until they reach the desired consistency. If the dog food recipe calls for cooking meat, you can do this before or after it is processed.

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