How to Give a Chinese Crested Dog a Hair Cut

Chinese crested dogs are either hairless or have powder puff coats. Regardless of which one tickles your dog-lovers fancy, grooming is required. Of course the hairless doesn't require much, but the powder puff requires a little more, still minor when compared to the Maltese.


Brush the pooch's legs, face and ears where mats form with a pin brush. Remove any mats with a comb by pulling the hair tight and working from the end back towards the skin.

Cut the hair in the area from the end of the Chinese crested dog's nose to the base of her eyes. Clip the hair around the face and ears with blunt-end scissors. Only remove the ends, leaving the hair long and flowy.

Trim the hair on your Chinese crested dog's feet. Pick up her paws and trim the hair between the footpads.

Shape the tail by trimming the hair about 1/2 inch. Again, leave the hair long in its natural shape.

Powder Puff

Brush the entire body of the powder puff with a soft-bristle brush. Again, pay close attention to his face, legs and tail and remove any mats with a comb.

Clip the hair in the area from the end of the powder puff's nose, like the hairless, to the base of her eyes. Cut the hair close to the skin, giving the face a clean look.

Trim the hair over your pup's eyes, around her ears and on her body with blunt-end scissors. Take off about 1/4 inch. Only remove the long hairs, keeping the natural length.

Clip the hair around your Chinese crested dog's feet and foot pads. Trim her tail, only taking off a small amount. Leave the hair around the feet and tail longer than the body hair.

Items you will need

  • Pin brush
  • Comb
  • Blunt-end scissors
  • Soft-bristle brush


  • Brush and wash your powder puff about twice a week. This helps keep her double-coat from matting. Use an oil specially formulated for hairless breeds on your hairless Chinese crested.


  • Do not use a pin brush on the hairless breed's body. This breed tends to have sensitive skin.

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Brought to you by Cuteness

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