French Bulldogs & Small Children

French bulldogs, if adopted as puppies, are good companions for small children.

French bulldogs, if adopted as puppies, are good companions for small children.

French bulldogs, those wrinkled-faced pups, were bred as companions. Known for his bat ears, small face and muscular body, he's alert, but not too boisterous. These companions are great for small children and families as long as they're adopted as puppies. They're great for families who have more time to cuddle and less time to exercise the dog to work off extra energy.

Start With A Puppy

Breed experts recommend adopting a French bulldog as a puppy if he's to be around children. Older dogs may become easily agitated and frustrated if they're not used to children. Elder dogs are not always known for their tolerance of the occasional ear pulling or rough and tumble play little ones can sometimes impose. However if they're raised with children, they become part of the family.

Protective Guardians

French bulldogs are known for their loyal personalities. They generally become loyal companions and protective guardians. This means they won't tolerate other dogs around their "baby." These bulldogs love the undivided attention a child can give and don't like to share that love with other animals. They are, however, known to play well with other children if properly trained. To completely make your French bulldog comfortable around small children, and people in general, socialization is a must for this breed. Make sure he's frequently introduced to your child's playmates and your friends. Trips to the dog park are a good way to acclimate your Frenchie to new people and make him comfortable around strangers.

Careful With The Head

Frenchies love to rough and tumble with their owners, including children. But children must be taught to not pick up older breeds by his head. His heavy head makes him easy to drop and could result in injury. Immediately teaching your child the right way to handle his dog will result in a happy relationship.

Usually Easy To Train

French bulldogs are known for their intelligence, making tolerance training easy. But they also have a free-thinking nature and can sometimes exhibit a stubborn streak. They're known to dig in their heels and budging them can be a challenge. You can expect to crate train a French bulldog puppy for four to six months. Breed experts recommend turning training into a game for these dogs because of their lovable nature. This way they will want to "play" all the time. Start command training right away and make sure to give him treats each time he does a good deed. These dogs love to please their owners.

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