How to Fix Maltese Hairstyles with Barrettes

Once your pup's hair gets long, you may want to pull it up in a topknot.
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Maltese dogs are known for their mop-like appearance. While you can keep them trimmed, if you are a fan of the long-haired look, you may want to learn to put your pup's hair up in barrettes. With a little practice, you will be able to put your dog's hair up like a pro.

Step 1

Comb your dog's hair and face thoroughly, including around the eyes, under the ears and on top of the head. Spray the hair lightly with conditioning spray to help the comb or pinbrush slide through any tangles without breaking the hair.

Step 2

Gather the hair on the top of your pup's head. Start beside each eye and work toward the center. If you want a double topknot, split this section in half. Keep it together for a single topknot.

Step 3

Tease the hair you have gathered with a teasing comb. This will give the hair some body and texture, and help the rubber band stay in place.

Step 4

Secure the hair with a small rubber band.

Step 5

Fold a perm roller paper into quarters, then fold it in half again, so it is about the width of the barrette. Wrap the paper around the hair directly above the rubber band and clip the barrette over top of the paper.

Step 6

Fluff up the topknot hair with the pointed end of the teasing comb.

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