Does Feliway Work for Cat Fighting?

Cats in a multi-cat home may develop relationship issues.
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You have two feline furbabies, and they fight, well, like cats and dogs. You may have a cat or a dog -- and they fight, too. All you want is to know you can stop the fighting so they can at least agree to disagree, quietly and without fisticuffs.


Feliway is a calming pet product that is made using fake cat pheromones. Pheromones are the substances inside your furbaby’s cheeks that she uses to mark her territory, as well as to let that cute cat-dude know she thinks he’s the cutest thing around. (No cats have ever been harmed in the testing or production of this product because the pheromones are artificial.) The makers of Feliway took care to mimic only friendly kitty pheromones.

How Feliway Works

Depending on the form you bought (either a diffuser or a spray bottle), this product works by releasing a synthetic cat pheromone into the air. Your cat is able to smell the friendly substance, which helps her to think, “Oh, I feel a little better.” She will need to use it for up to two or three months for the changes in her behavior to really become obvious. If her behavior has been ongoing for more than three months, then it will take her longer to respond to the therapy you’ve had going on inside your home.

If your furbaby has been stressed for some reason, the pheromones help to reduce the stress she has been feeling, slowly helping her to reduce unwanted behaviors -- such as fighting, marking and scratching.

Of course, some furbabies decide they like this product so much that they tell their humans they want it around permanently. It just depends on the individual kitty.

Calms Aggravated Cats

Over time, after you have begun releasing Feliway into your home’s environment, your little cat-gal will stop showing her aggressive, fighting behavior around your other pets. You’ll click one day, realizing, “Wow! She hasn’t fought today!” As she feels less stressed, she is able to get along with other feline family members.

Of course, this product works better if you’re able to remove the triggers to your little girl’s aggressive behaviors.

A Few Precautions

The spray is made using about 90 percent alcohol. Spraying it directly onto her fur can make her sick if she licks it off. It can also irritate her eyes. The sound of the spray bottle can also startle her, especially if she is already feeling stressed, so spray it in the room when she is in another part of your house.

Some cats may not respond well to Feliway. Because a diffuser is a “new” item in the room, they may actually spray on it, not liking it.

If you use the spray version, don’t spray until surfaces are wet -- just a few spritzes that will dry in a few minutes will do the job. Before spraying, move your children to another part of the house and don’t let them come into the treated room for about five minutes.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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