Does Feliway Spray Work on Cats That Defecate Outside Their Box?

A Feliway diffuser may help your furbaby's soiling problem.
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Your furbaby is a sensitive little girl, and at times she has a hard time adjusting to new situations. She may exhibit some troubling behaviors that tip you off to some of her problems. A cat pheromone spray may help with defecation outside her litter box.

What is Feliway?

Feliway spray is a pheromone product you can use as a spray or diffuser to help calm your kitty baby down when she’s going through tough times. Think of how your little furbaby rubs her cheeks against you, the wall, other family members and your furniture. She is depositing her scent -- which contains pheromones -- when she does this.

Feliway mimics the pheromone in her cheeks. After you have plugged in a diffuser, she picks up on the pheromone now wafting through your home. Ahh, now everyone can anticipate relief for her stress.

How Feliway Works

Once you have bought either the spray or diffuser, you need to use it consistently for your cat to feel its beneficial effects. It can take from two to three months for it to work, especially if your furbaby’s acting-out behavior has been going on for three months or longer.

You may need to use the Feliway consistently for as long as three months, helping your cat baby to return to her relaxed, easygoing way of being. However, she might decide she likes her diffuser so much you might need to use it long-term. It just depends on the individual cat.

Cat Defecation Outside Litter Box

Oh, how to put this? Your furbaby is a very fastidious and clean little girl. When she goes to her litter box to do her business, she much prefers using a box that has been cleaned of old poop and clumps of urine. You might need to clean her box out twice a day. If her box gets too full, she might decide, “Ewww! I don’t think so!” She’ll do her business elsewhere. She may use her litter box and have a little piece of poop stuck to her behind. When this dries up, it falls off, landing on the floor, making you think she pooped on the floor.

Your little girl may get stressed, but not show it in the usual way, such as through aggression, scratching or urine marking. Instead, she might be a little more subtle, though stinky, about what she’s feeling. She could soil outside her litter box.

Will Feliway Help House Soiling?

If your feline girl is feeling stressed to the point that she chooses to soil outside her litter box, as good cat-parents, you can help her dial it down and start to feel better with a Feliway diffuser or a can of Feliway spray. When you get this product, read the instructions and use as instructed. Because the spray is 90 percent alcohol, it should not be sprayed directly on your little furbaby.

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