How to Get Dogs to Stop Chewing Shoe Laces

Train your pup to leave your shoelaces alone.
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Puppies enjoy playing and are attracted to anything that moves, so it is no surprise that they are enticed by your shoelaces. The combination of flopping laces, the location close to the ground and the motion caused by you walking make shoelaces seem like a great toy.

Step 1

Walk around in your shoes, as normal. Don't do anything to draw attention to the laces, you want to get a natural reaction from your pup.

Step 2

Lean down and place your hands over your shoelaces when your puppy starts chewing and grabbing them. Stop walking, turn away slightly and cover the laces completely.

Step 3

Tell your puppy "back" or "off." This command means to stop what he is doing. At first he may try chewing on your hands; if he does, just ignore him or give a small growl or "no" to encourage him to stop. More likely, he will stop and look up at you, wondering why you turned away and covered up your shoelaces. When he does this, tell him he is good, stand up and walk off.

Step 4

Repeat the process until he realizes that you are not going to allow him to chew on your shoelaces. Most puppies pick this up pretty quickly, but may revert to chasing and chewing on your laces when they are excited. Be patient and repeat the process, and soon your puppy will learn not to attack your shoes.

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