How to Get Your Shih Tzu to Stop Chewing

Boredom and seeking attention may be behind your shih tzu's sudden need to chew.
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Dogs can suddenly chew everything around them for numerous reasons—puppy teething, boredom, attention-seeking or even medical issues. While it can be maddening to get your shih tzu trained to stop chewing, being vigilant is the key to protecting your shoes and furniture from his sharp teeth.

Step 1

Supervise your dog at all times until you have been able to train him to stop chewing. Do not leave him unattended anywhere that he can find something to chew on and continue the habit.

Step 2

Remove anything chewable from your shih tzu's reach: this includes anything made of leather (such as shoes), rubber (that is not a toy), wood and upholstered furniture. Since it is impossible to take everything out of a room, leashing or crating him in the house when he cannot be supervised directly, and keeping him out of other rooms, is recommended until the behavior stops.

Step 3

Give your shih tzu toys and treats that can be used for chewing—such as a rawhide bone or rubber toy. Make sure he has plenty of toys and exercise to keep him from getting bored, which can lead to chewing.

Step 4

Spray items with an unpleasant-tasting substance, such as bitter apple, that will not hurt the shih tzu but will deter him from chewing.

Step 5

Scold your shih tzu and remove him from the area if you catch him in the act of chewing on something he should not; however, do not yell or chase him to get the object back. If he is simply seeking attention, he will consider that behavior an acceptable substitute.

Step 6

Praise your shih tzu and provide positive attention when he uses his toys and rawhides to chew on instead of something less desirable—such as your grandmother's heirloom vanity table.

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