How to Break a Seventh Month Old Puppy From Nipping

Your puppy will want to use his teeth; the key is to be consistent in teaching him that you are not a chew toy.
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It's a fact: Puppies like to nip! So, it's important that they learn quickly it is unacceptable to use those sharp little teeth on human flesh. Allowing the nipping and biting encourages the behavior to continue. However, there are several ways you can teach your pup more acceptable behavior.

Step 1

Allow the puppy to nip or bite your hand during play. Immediately let your hand go limp and make a yelping sound, as if in pain. If he doesn't notice your pain response, say something loud and stern that is not a normal command, such as "Too bad!" or "That's wrong!" Praise him lavishly if he stops biting or licks you. This helps him make the connection between not biting and positive reinforcement.

Step 2

Give the puppy a "time out" from play when he nips. At the first sign of biting, yelp loudly and pull your hand away. Then either completely ignore the puppy, or walk away and refuse to play with him for a short time, such as 30 seconds. Then return to playing with your puppy. Repeat this process if he continues to bite.

Step 3

Stop giving the puppy attention when he nips. Remain quiet, rather than yelling "No" or pushing him away, and direct his attention toward a chew toy. If he continues to nip, repeat the action. This step can show him that it is only acceptable to use his teeth on a chew toy during play.

Step 4

Protect your feet and ankles from nipping; if your puppy attempts to bite you, stand completely still until he stops. Praise him lavishly before you begin walking again. If possible, reward him with a favorite toy. Repeat this process as needed to direct his attention away from moving feet.

Step 5

Spray your hands and arms with a bitter-tasting deterrent, such as Bitter Apple, before playing with the puppy. When he nips you, he will not like the taste he receives. Repeating this process several times can deter him from further nipping.

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