Ideas for Backyard Garden Fence for Dogs

Chain-link is a safe type of fencing for you dog.
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Owning a dog may bring fun and enjoyment to your life, but it also brings the responsibility of keeping your pet safely confined. Many types of fencing solutions exist for corralling your canine companion, although masonry, wood, vinyl and chain-link are particularly useful for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Masonry Fencing

Masonry fencing is by far the sturdiest type of dog-safe fencing. It is heavy enough that even large breeds cannot push it over, and it can be sunk into the ground to prevent your dog from digging under and running the neighborhood. This type of fencing is typically built from brick or cinder block and provides a solid, climb-free backyard enclosure. Masonry fencing is also highly customizable, allowing you to build a fence to match your existing décor. Block fencing is cost-prohibitive, so you may want to bypass it if you are on a tight budget.

Wood Fencing

Wood is another sturdy fencing solution for both large and small breeds. Wood is more affordable than masonry, and can be constructed in a wide variety of styles including picket, lattice and stockade to fit any backyard. Wood fencing also offers varying levels of privacy depending on construction, keeping your dogs in and prying eyes out. Wood fencing does need regular maintenance to keep your dog safe, but will last for years with proper care.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is one of the sturdiest types of backyard fencing. It is peel-resistant, rot-proof and sturdy enough to hold in even large breeds such as Newfoundlands and mastiffs. Vinyl fencing is also extremely versatile, and can be erected in yards of all sizes. Maintaining vinyl fencing is simple; a quick spray with the hose is enough to remove dog urine and feces. The slick surface of vinyl also makes it climb-proof to contain even the most determined canine adventurer.

Chain-Link Fencing

Chain-link is popular with dog owners of all sizes. It is easy to install and more affordable than other types of fencing, although it doesn’t offer as much privacy as vinyl, wood or masonry. Chain-link is easy to install, even if you have no installation experience, so you can save even more money if you're on a tight budget.. Dogs that climb or dig may escape chain-link, but you can remedy this by burying a few inches of fence underground or installing an angled climbing barrier at the top of the fence.

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