Dog Beds That Keep Dogs Cool Outdoors in Summer

Find a shady place for Fido's water, since the sun can heat water.
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Panting isn't the most efficient cooling mechanism, so dogs often struggle to keep cool in hot weather. For dogs outdoors, cooling beds offer relief from summertime sun by helping to regulate Fido's temperature. Splurge on a cooling bed if you insist on keeping your pal outdoors in summer.


Dogs are at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke in hot weather. If not treated, these conditions may lead to organ failure or death. Dogs with short noses, senior dogs and puppies are at increased risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Beds that help keep Fido cool in hot weather can reduce the potential for overheating but aren’t a cure-all. To keep your dog healthy, offer Fido plenty of water and skip long runs on hot days.

Cooling Gel Beds and Pads

Consider purchasing a bed or cooling pad that contains cooling gel. To use, soak the cooling pad in cold water for up to 30 minutes. Towel dry the cooling item. Place bed on the floor, or place the cooling pad on Fido’s regular dog bed. The cooling gel will help keep your pet cool.

Other Cooling Beds

Not only are orthopedic beds great for senior dogs, who need a supportive surface for rest, they can be cooling too. Not all orthopedic dog beds will be cooling, so look for beds that are labeled as such. These dogs beds may be made of foam, memory foam or coil and spring. Cooling water beds can help keep Fido cool. These beds fill with cold water inside and stay dry on the outside.


To help keep Fido cool in the summer months, move his dog bed to a shady part of the yard. If possible, let him take refuge inside during the dog days of summer, then move him back outside when the heat wave passes. If your dog can’t come in the house at all, offer a shady dog house and a steady supply of cool water.

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