Dog Bed Size for a Newfie

Your Newfie needs a bed suitably sized for a gentle giant.
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Newfoundlands, called "Newfies" by affectionate owners, are among the largest canine breeds. They reach 100 to 150 pounds when fully grown. The Newfie is a true working dog who excels at swimming and tracking. Your Newfie expends plenty of energy each day, so a properly sized comfy bed is essential.

Round or Oval Puppy Bed Size

A Newfie puppy is already a sizable dog: Newfie puppies can easily weigh 30 pounds, even at just a couple of months old. Newfie puppies will gain weight steadily, up to around 10 pounds per month, during their first year of life. Although a smaller round or oval puppy bed may suffice for the first few months of your Newfie's life, it will soon be too small for comfort for the dog to curl up in a ball to sleep. For puppies, a round or oval dog bed designed for large breeds is best. Your Newfie will become as large as a full-grown Labrador before adulthood, so a larger bed to curl up in will be appreciated.

Square Puppy Bed Size

Newfie pups can have medium- to large-size square dog bes as puppies, but because of their rapid growth such beds will be unlikely to allow sufficient stretch room once your dog reaches his adult height and weight. Starting with a large-size square bed can help ensure your Newfie puppy will be able to relax fully extended until he reaches adulthood.

Round or Oval Adult Bed Size

An adult Newfie who prefers the round or oval bed type will need one of the largest round or oval beds made for dogs: Extra-large or 54 inches across for round beds, and extra-large or 36 inches by 54 inches for oval beds. In general, larger is always better.

Square Adult Bed Size

Adult Newfies who really like to stretch and cover a lot of space while relaxing and sleeping will need a square bed in the largest size available. Typically this will be the extra-large or 54-inch size. With a Newoundland, the bigger the bed the better.

Bed Size for Largest Newfies

Companies specialize in making "XXL" or "mammoth" dog beds for breeds like Newfies. These super-sized beds are so large that they can accommodate even unusually large Newfies. A special oversize bed might be best in the event your gentle giant reaches a weight around 200 pounds.

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