A DIY Burrow Dog Bed

Dog beds should be comfortable.
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Dachshunds, Yorkies and Chihuahuas are some of the breeds that love to create snuggle sacks out of piles of laundry, sofa throws and bed covers. Burrowing in soft cozy fabrics provides a dog with privacy, warmth and comfort, creating a cave-like experience.

Measure Your Dog

Use a soft tape measure to measure the length and width of your dog. Start from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail for the length. Measure from the top of the back to the tip of the paw for the width. Add 10 inches to the length and width of the dog.

Choose Colorful Fabric

Choose a soft, durable fabric. The fabric will be used for the pillow base of the burrow dog bed and for the blanket attachment on top of the bed. Choose a pattern or color theme that matches your home decor or try a bright color that expresses your pup's unique personality.

Cut the Fabric

Place the fabric face down on the surface. The side of the fabric that is going to be seen on the outside of the dog bed should be the side that is face down on the surface. Draw a square using the measurements of your dog. Remember to add 10 inches to the length and width. Cut two pieces of the same color fabric at this size. Cut one piece of fabric that is going to be used for the blanket on top of the bed.

Sew the Material

Turn the material inside out. Join the two pieces of the fabric for the bed base together using pins. Carefully line the pins about 1/2 inch away from the edges. Leave 8 inches open. This is where you'll place the stuffing into the pillow. Then turn the fabric square inside-out so that the soft fabric the dog will sleep on is exposed. Fold the fabric that is going to be used as the blanket in half. The creased edge should reach the middle of the dog bed, covering half of the bed. Carefully pin and sew the blanket fabric to the bed base fabric around the edges only.

Stuff the Bed

Place pillow stuffing inside the bed base. The stuffing will easily fit through the 8-inch gap you left in the fabric earlier. Keep stuffing the pillow so that is soft but firm at the same time. When the dog sits on the bed base, it will create a gap between the blanket and the bed. This is where the dog can burrow inside of it. Once the stuffing reaches the desired firmness, hand-sew the 8-inch gap with a needle and thread until it is sealed completely. The result should be a soft burrow bed that your dog can snuggle up in and feel safe.

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