DIY Wood Pallet Dog Beds

Wood pallets have a natural texture that gives them a unique look.
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If you want your dog to relax in comfort without sacrificing your style, you may have to customize a dog bed to suit your decor. One simple way to craft a suitable bed for your furry friend is to disassemble old wood pallets, and use the planks to create a sturdy, shabby chic bed frame.

Take Pallets Apart

When you search for a pallet, keep an eye out for the shape of the boards. Choose one with boards that are intact, sturdy and show no signs of decay. Weathered textures will make for an interesting look on a stained dog bed, while boards with smoother surfaces might be more suited for a painted bed. Once you find your pallet, take it apart by pulling out nails or using an industrial saw to cut through nails. Preserve as much length of the boards as you can. These will be used to form the bed.

Prep the Boards

Once the pallet is dismantled, see which boards are in the best condition to be used in the bed. You'll need several panels: a base, two sides, a back and a front entry spot. Lay boards flat on the ground to see how many you'll need to form a big enough base for the bed. The bed should be large enough to give your dog plenty of room to spread out and turn around. Once you know the length and width of the base, cut boards to these dimensions. Use the base to find the measurements for the remaining panels. Make the bed deep enough to hold a cushy pillow and keep your pooch snug and secure. Once cut, hammer in any staples and remove any protruding nails.

Build the Bed

Use a strong wood glue to begin assembling the bed. Glue joints together, and use clamps to hold the pieces tight as they dry. Once the glue is set, remove clamps and reinforce the structure by nailing boards together by hand or with a nail gun. Once the base and internal support planks are in place, add an extra layer of stability to the bed by securing planks to the sides and back. These outer support planks will give the bed frame a uniform look.

Finish the Wood

With your structure complete, you're ready to prep the bed for the final, decorative touches. Sand the boards smooth, especially any glue that might have leaked out of the joints and hardened. Prevent snags and splinters with a uniform wood surface. Next stain the bed with your choice of safe varnish. If you want a colored bed, apply a safe household paint to match your decor. Let the bed dry at least eight hours before placing the cushion or pillow onto the bed and letting your dog give it a try.

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