Diet Food for a Chihuahua

Your Chihuahua should weigh 6 pounds or less, according to the American Kennel Club.
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Chihuahuas are notoriously picky eaters, a tendency that may be what got your dog to its current state of obesity. As the owner of a finicky eater you may have been tempted to feed your dog anything as long as you can get her to eat. A balanced diet is essential to keeping your Chihuahua healthy and active for many years to come.

Step 1

Talk to your veterinarian about your Chihuahua's weight. Be honest with your vet about the types of food your Chihuahua is eating and how much food he consumes on a daily basis.

Step 2

Develop a dietary plan for your dog with the help of your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may prescribe a special diet pet food for your dog, or he may simply have you cut down on the amount of food you are feeding and eliminate all treats. Make sure you understand the diet plan before you leave the veterinarian's office.

Step 3

Measure out the specific amount of dog food your Chihuahua is supposed to receive. Use a measuring cup to avoid overfeeding. You can either feed your dog his entire daily allotment of food in one sitting or you can divide it into several meals throughout the day.

Step 4

Stick with your dietary plan even if your Chihuahua is reluctant to eat the food. Your overweight dog will not starve to death within the first week of a diet. As long as he continues to drink plenty of water and at least pick at the food occasionally, stick with the diet plan. Check with your veterinarian if you do not think your dog is consuming enough food to survive adequately or if he has a negative or allergic reaction to his food.

Step 5

Observe your Chihuahua to make sure he reaches an appropriate weight. It takes very little excess weight to make a Chihuahua obese due to their small size. Ideally, your Chihuahua should weigh less than 6 pounds and his ribs should be barely visible. If you are unsure if your pet is obese, ask your veterinarian.

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