How to Deal With a Dog's Dirty Paws

Wiping down muddy paws will keep your house clean.
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Everyone enjoys a clean house, but keeping your castle clean is more difficult if your dog has dirty paws. Since she can’t leave her feet at the door, it’s up to you to bust dirt and grime before she tracks it through the house.

Step 1

Restrict the dog’s access to muddy areas. Fence off mud-prone spots, or place the dog on a tie cable to keep her clean and dry. If you live in an area with frequent rain or snow showers, consider installing a concrete pad and using that as a mud-free potty spot for your pooches.

Step 2

Arrange a series of outdoor rugs along the sidewalk leading up to your door. These rugs absorb moisture and sweep mud and dirt from the dog’s paws before she tracks it into the house. Select rugs with dense, stiff fabric to sweep off the maximum amount of dirt.

Step 3

Teach the dog to walk along the mats on her way into the house. Put a collar and leash on the dog, and walk her along the mats as you approach the house. Ask her to sit, and give her a treat before opening the door. Repeat the process every time the dog goes out to potty, and soon she will learn to walk along the mats and wait before bolting through the door.

Step 4

Place an indoor floor mat at each entryway. Stop the dog as soon as she enters the house, and let the rug soap up excess mud and moisture from her paws.

Step 5

Wipe your dog’s feet with baby wipes to remove stubborn dirt. Sit her on the rug and gently wipe the top and bottom of each foot. Spread the dog’s toes with your fingers, and clean between her pads. Baby wipes are powerful enough to clean off even stuck-on grime, and gentle enough that they won’t irritate your dog’s sensitive skin.

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