Canine Paw Care in a Husky

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A husky’s paw pads are an important part of him to keep healthy. Canine pads protect deep tissue inside the paw, provide cushioning to protect joints from shock and aid him in walking on rough surfaces. Keeping his paws in good condition allows him to painlessly exercise and play with you.

Routine Paw Care

Step 1

Sit down on the floor and ask your husky to lie down next to you. Hold one paw out with your hand. Use a metal comb to untangle and extend the hair outward between each paw pad. Hold a pair of round-tipped scissors in the other hand. Lay the scissors on top of his pads with the blades horizontal to his paw. Cut the hair off between his pads the same height as his pads. Clip the hair on each paw in this manner.

Step 2

Cut your husky’s nails to a length just above floor level. Hold one paw up with one hand with the nails facing downward. Slip the hole in the center of guillotine nail trimmers over the nail just below the quick. Squeeze the handles together to snip off the nail. You can make one cut on white nails to trim them as you can see the quick with blood vessels in it. Make several tiny cuts on black nails that you cannot see through.

Step 3

Rub a canine pad moisturizer into your dog’s pads to keep them moist and prevent cracking in extreme heat. A dog generally loves this form of a pedicure as you massage his paws. The action also helps blood flow in the paws.

Limping Dogs

Step 1

Lie your husky down on the floor to remove pressure from all four feet. Examine the foot he is limping on closely in a well-lit environment.

Step 2

Examine his paws gently, looking for a foreign object either in his paw pads or between his toes. A dog will generally flinch when you find the sensitive area. Use tweezers to remove any item you can find in or between his pads.

Step 3

Clean small cuts that are 1/4-inch or smaller on his paws or pads with an antibacterial wash on a clean cotton ball. Hold one finger on his paw and wrap it with gauze around his paw and your finger. Cut the gauze off and place a piece of medical tape on the loose end to fasten it. This will protect the cut from infection that can occur from touching the ground.

Step 4

Make a veterinarian appointment if your husky has a cut larger than 1/4-inch long. He may require additional care and antibiotics.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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