Creative Ideas for Wedding Dog Collars

"Look Mom, I can dress up nice too."
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Your wedding is around the corner and you want to include your favorite pooch in your bridal party. While custom outfits are an option, not all dogs feel comfortable wearing clothing. Dressing up his collar to fit the occasion is an option you can do yourself, with some considerations.

The Best Dog

For a male pooch playing the role of the best dog, the goal is to match him with the rest of the wedding party. Traditionally, the men in the bridal party will wear bow or standard ties to match the bridesmaid dresses. When choosing those ties, pick one out for your pooch, as well as a roll of matching ribbon. On the day of your wedding, wrap his collar with the matching ribbon, covering the collar completely. Attach the tie at his neck. Bow ties can rest on top or underneath his chin.

The Pooch of Honor

While the traditional maid of honor carries a bouquet, not all dogs are able to carry flowers. For this reason, creating a floral collar allows you to include your flowers and colors while dressing up your dog. Ask your florist for single stems of flowers used in your bouquets. With floral wire, attach and wrap the flowers to your dog’s collar. If this idea seems a bit challenging, look for a florist who offers dog collar design.

Doggie Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is an important part of your bridal party and one role that your pooch can perform with a special pillow collar. Stores offer specially made doggie pillows or pouches for this occasion, but you can make your own. If there is a pillow design that you must have, simply sew a Velcro strap on the back of the pillow and attach it to his collar. Consider wrapping the collar with a satin ribbon before attaching the pillow and rings.


While your pooch may be the best-behaved dog in the world, a busy wedding day may throw him off. Be sure to include him in the rehearsal and have a backup plan if things do not run as smoothly as planned. While a collar may be fine for your dog, adding things to his collar may make her uncomfortable. Test out the designer collars a few times before the wedding. If using flowers, make sure that your dog will wear the flowers without trying to chew them. Many wedding flowers, like carnations, are toxic to dogs and chewing and eating them can make her sick. If this is the case, you may need to consider using silk flowers. If your dog tries to chew the ring bearer pillow, you may need to reconsider and use a pouch hung from the collar to avoid having to look for your rings in the backyard piles the day after.

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