How to Cover a Leather Sofa for Pet Use

Keep your pooch and leather sofa happy with a slipcover.
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As a part of the family, many people enjoy snuggling closely with their dog or cat on the sofa. Leather furniture, while easy to wipe away the fur, is prone to scratches and tears from their claws and may need covered to protect it.

Step 1

Measure your sofa's seat length and width. For the length, measure the cushions to the arms of the sofa; for the width, measure from the front of the seat to the back of the sofa.

Step 2

Choose a pet-quality sofa slipcover or pet cover that matches the decor in your home and fits the measurement of your sofa. Both of these covers are available at big-box stores, home-specialty stores and online retailers. A pet cover is similar to a sofa cover although it doesn't cover the entire sofa; it simply covers the arms, seat and the back -- the places prone to damage from your pet.

Step 3

Cover the sofa with the slipcover or pet cover and tuck it in between the seats and back and between the seats and arms until it fits properly. In general, slipcovers will go over your sofa and have a tag or other mark that tells you where the back is. They usually are either elastic or have a drawstring to pull them taut against the couch.

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