How to Contact Rescue Organizations for German Shepherds

German shepherd rescue groups often foster dogs until they find homes.
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You've had German shepherds on the brain since you watched that grainy old Rin Tin Tin movie. You're completely captivated by these magnificent dogs, and you really want to welcome one into your nest. You'll definitely adopt a rescue dog; now you must hunt down a German shepherd rescue group.

Step 1

Visit your local animal shelter. Confirm that the facility sends incoming German shepherds to regional German shepherd rescue groups. Request telephone and email contact information, as many rescue groups operate with an informal volunteer network.

Step 2

View the American German Shepherd Rescue Association's home page. Navigate to the red and white vertical menu bar on the left side. Click on “Rescues by State.” Click on German shepherd rescue groups you wish to contact. Follow contact instructions on each group's website. Alternatively, email the listed contact person for more information.

Step 3

Visit the American Kennel Club's Breed Rescue Groups page. Click on “G” in the alphabetical menu near the top of the page. Locate one or more German shepherd rescue groups within your region. Call the listed contact person or request information via email.

Step 4

Navigate to the adoption database. Select “Dog” from the purple vertical menu bar on the left side. Type “German Shepherd Dog” and your ZIP code. Click the “Search” button. View adoptable German shepherds available from rescue groups in your area. Resist the urge to look at charming German shepherds for hours. Call or email the rescue group(s) of your choice.

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