How to Collect Stool Samples in Cats

Obtain the freshest stool sample possible for your veterinarian.

Obtain the freshest stool sample possible for your veterinarian.

Your vet may request a stool sample if your cat shows symptoms of a worm infection or other health problem. Or, he may want you to bring in a sample at your kitty's routine checkup. Either way, collecting a stool sample doesn't have to be difficult or messy.

Clean out your kitty's litter box. If you have multiple cats, place a clean box in a room with the cat you need a sample from, and keep the box and your kitty isolated until she produces a sample.

Turn a plastic baggy inside out and slip your hand inside it like a glove. Use this hand to pick up a sample from the clean litter box. It is OK if some pieces of litter stick to the sample.

Make sure the sample is large enough. Depending on what tests your vet wants to run, the sample should be at least as large as a teaspoon. Your vet may want a larger sample. If you are unsure, call and ask.

Hold the sample gently and turn the bag right side out using your other hand.

Seal the baggy. If collecting samples from more than one cat, write your cat's name on the outside of the bag using a blank permanent marker.

Refrigerate the sample if you are not taking it directly to your vet's office. If it is older than 24 hours, discard the sample and collect a new one.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

Items you will need

  • Plastic baggy
  • Permanent marker

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