How to Use Ginger for an Upset Stomach in Cats

Ginger can give your cat quick relief from an upset stomach.

Ginger can give your cat quick relief from an upset stomach.

Ginger is an effective treatment for digestive ailments, but the main challenge with using ginger as a treatment for your cat is getting Fluffy to ingest it. Ginger capsules are available at health-food stores, but you may find it easier to prepare a ginger tea.

Grate one teaspoon of fresh ginger into one cup of hot water.

Allow the mixture to steep for as long as it takes to cool.

Spread cheesecloth over the rim of a drinking glass and pour the ginger tea into the glass, straining out the grated ginger. You can discard the ginger.

Pull some of the ginger tea into a dropper. One half to one full dropper should be enough to provide relief for your cat.

Administer the tea by slipping the dropper in the side of your cat's mouth, pushing it far enough back that the tea will go down your cat's throat and not back out of her mouth. This step is much easier with someone else holding your cat and steadying her head.

Items you will need

  • Fresh ginger root
  • Food grater
  • Measuring cup
  • Cheesecloth
  • Drinking glass
  • Dropper


  • While even healthy cats will occasionally vomit, persistent vomiting or vomiting combined with lethargy, diarrhea or blood in the vomit requires a phone call to the vet to rule out infection, toxins or parasites.

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